April 18, 2017

Look! Topshop’s New Tee Has Grammar Boo Boo

topshop tee typo

Topshop has just released the “It’s Not Me Slash Tee”, which is a cute fashion statement, but I did a double take. The grammatical error was just too much for me, I’m sorry I can’t give the shirt a pass for being cute.

The neckline bears the famous and cringe-worthy breakup line: It’s not you, it’s me. The tee says this, though: its not you its me. Yes! For those who strict and keeping score, “it is” is missing an apostrophe, not only once but twice! Instead, the phrase uses the apostrophe-free word “its,” which is the possessive form of the word “it.”

“Let him down easy with this relaxed tee made with a neckline that’s slashed on one side and quickly ends the conversation on the other,” the website description reads, making sure to use an apostrophe while combining “that” and “is.” The store is charging $22 for the erroneous top.

Topshop has yet to issue a statement about the unfortunate error on its graphic tee, but if the brand decides to have a sense of humor about the missing punctuation mark, it might want to license rights to reproduce and sell a T-shirt by clothing manufacturer Skreened.

The tee reads, “Typos hapepn.” Indeed, they “hapepn” to the best of us.

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