December 30, 2016

Traveling Solo: Lessons Learned and Tips

Traveling solo

The idea of traveling solo may seem like a scary idea but it is sure worth it based on these two ladies’ experiences:

Here is Kach’s 50 Solo Travel Lessons Every Traveler Should Learn about Themselves.

Traveling solo

Photo from Two Travel Monkeys Group

  1. Traveling solo is my alternative way of independence since I’ve been staying with my parents in my whole life.
  2. That I am more outgoing.
  3. Traveling solo boost my guts and confidence.
  4. I learned to negotiate my skills for free accommodation.
  5. It’s fun to be everything on the spot.
  6. Love the idea of having no itineraries at all.
  7. To travel is a big world but meeting people is a small world.
  8. Having a genuine smile attracts good people and vibes.
  9. It’s okay to sleep in the airport.
  10. It’s fun to get lost in a new city or in a new country.
  11. It’s okay to sleep in a 24-hour McDonald’s.
  12. It’s fun to travel when you’re single and not in a relationship.
  13. I can easily get along with male travelers than females.
  14. I only lived once.
  15. I love roller coasters.
  16. My patience helps me to be more patient.
  17. It’s okay to travel alone but never lonely.
  18. I feel more blessed when I travel solo.
  19. Navigating a new place just using a map.
  20. I learned not to rely too much on pocket wifi for navigation.
  21. I discovered free things to do in every country I visited without paying anything.
  22. Traveling more makes me feel younger.
  23. I learned not to be judgmental.
  24. It’s cheaper to travel solo than with friends.
  25. I am truly flexible when I travel.
  26. My smile is my biggest asset.
  27. Be open for a date invitation.
  28. Be open for a trip invitation.
  29. It’s okay to ask help from strangers.
  30. I learned to be vocal and speak what’s on my mind.
  31. I learned to trust people.
  32. I learned not to be a tourist.
  33. It’s okay to fall in love in your travels.
  34. It’s good to have a crush with a travel buddy.
  35. I learned not to expect too much.
  36. That speaking French is really sexy.
  37. That speaking Japanese is really cool.
  38. That speaking Spanish is really hard.
  39. That listening to British accent makes my nose bleed.
  40. That I prefer speaking more in English than in Tagalog when I talk to a fellow Filipino because I am a Cebuana – nahihirapan ako sa kalisod.
  41. That my night life out of the country is more active than in the Philippines.
  42. The advantage of using Couchsurfing and Workaway.
  43. To seek help from friends on the virtual world.
  44. That I believe in karma.
  45. To keep calm and never panic.
  46. To be a good problem solver.
  47. To appreciate simple things in life.
  48. To be more thankful.
  49. To acknowledge all the good things happenings to me.
  50. Appreciate me.

If you are looking for tips about traveling solo, watch this short video from blogger, Nicole Andersson

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