February 19, 2018

Trending Online: This Man Contours Better Than You!

Bob Herzog, anchor of “Good Morning Cincinnati” wrote on his bio in WKRC; “Bob loves all kinds of music and movies and has a passion for basketball, but his number one hobby is spending time with his wife and four children.” I think he should now include his newly discovered talent – beauty skill!

The unlikely makeup guru shared a get-ready-with-me video. It begins with a base but skipping the foundation first. “This, as I understand, is called concealer. It is for concealing things, like the ridiculous circles under my eyes. I can’t fill in the divets in my forehead; they are far too deep, ” the news anchor explained.

Aside from perfectly blending everything, he showed he could be a beauty vlogger too with his ad lib like a pro.

Next is the foundation, during which Bob assumed, “I feel like Bob Ross. Painting happy trees on my face. I blend like I’m angry at my skin. Violently blend like you’re ashamed of your face. You hate it, you hate it, and now you love it.”

After applying some bronzer, Bob finished off with a setting powder and voila! He is ready to be on-air.

Watch to see that his makeup skill is on point:


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