April 6, 2017

Watch: Nerdy Uber Driver By Day, Swag Rapper All Day

Nerdy Uber Driver Shocks Passengers With His Rapping Skills

"I like to rap in my spare time." (By Ollie B)

Posted by 9GAG on Friday, 31 March 2017

I’ve taken Uber rides very rarely, like twice maybe. Had I been given a chance to meet this super cool Uber driver, I would have always wanted to take one. Sometimes I like to have a friendly chat while on the road, but most times I prefer the quiet peace (because I think and talk to myself a lot while on the road), so I guess I am not really one to engage in an hour-long chat with an Uber driver – except for those that offer interesting stories or can engage me in a debate.

This Uber driver, however, does something totally extra-ordinary and very surprising. He appears to be nerdy (with his black eyeglasses, suspenders and tie), but I guess he’s some example of “don’t judge a book by its cover” kind of person.

So two men get into his car in Las Vegas and once settled, the driver asked them if he can rap for them. The driver is Oliver Barkell aka Ollie B, and his passengers easily turned into his fans. One dude even exclaimed, “This dude just turned into G-Eazy outta nowhere.”

So Ollie B later uploaded the video on YouTube, and he said, “This video is a 100% REAL REACTION. Didn’t know the guys, friended them on Facebook afterwards. Yes I really am an Uber Driver”.

Watch the video and prepare to have your minds blown!

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