July 2, 2017

Underarm Tattoos – Is This Trend for You?

underarm tattoo

I saw this “It” thing on Instagram today and I don’t know what to think or feel. Apparently, tattooing your armpits is the ‘in’ thing on social media today. This may not be new to the industry, but more people are beginning to really consider this are for a tattoo.

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The underarm is a very delicate area, so can you imagine going under the needle and be repeatedly pricked? On the other hand, patrons say it is a new way of expressing your creativity and uniqueness.

Are you ready to make a statement when you wear a sleeveless top and want a nice tattoo on your kilikili instead of getting an IPL to rid of unwanted underarm hair?

There are a lot of designs to choose from, from flowers to birds, to the more expressive designs such as a spider web. Just so you know, flowers are the go-to design for the armpits. So pick your favorite flower and make up your mind, are you ready to get this underarm tattoo?

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