June 14, 2017

Watch! Filipino-Inspired Burger Gets a Thumbs up from Gordon Ramsay

gordon ramsay

Good Morning America invited celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay to judge a burger competition among the show’s viewers. Ramsay is promoting his upcoming show, “The F Word”, and was asked to choose between a Bison and Chorizo Double Stacked Burger and a Pork Adobo Burger.

Guess what Chef Ramsay had to say? He chose to go with the Filipino-inspired burger! He even recognized that the bread used was the local bread pan de sal.

“It’s seasoned beautifully,” he said. “And the bun, that’s traditional Filipino bread. It’s delicious.”

The chef also commented on the Bison burger, but in the end, he picked the Adobo burger. He said, “I’m going with the Filipino burger.”

Filipino food has certainly come a long way! Even this celebrity chef famous for his other shows that includes “MasterChef,” “Kitchen Nightmares” and “Hell’s Kitchen,” to name a few couldn’t resist the taste of our famous Adobo. Filipino cuisine has definitely made a mark in the world, and it is definitely a good mark. This video has actually been trending news for days now so I suggest you watch the video and be inspired by the success of the Filipino food.

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