August 4, 2017

Watch! Kids React to Filipino Veggies


Filipino Veggies!

Posted by FBE on Monday, 3 July 2017

It’s surprising to see kids enjoy eating vegetables because it doesn’t really compliment their appetite.

One of the reasons why youngsters and vegetables don’t really go along is their taste buds. Children have a more sensitive sense of taste than adults and they can taste things way more than we do. So, if the food is sweet, then it’s totally sweet for them or if it is bitter for us, it’s completely bitter for them.

In a video, Kids Vs. Food, American kids tried Pinoy dishes that represent kalabasa, string beans, eggplant, taro leaves, and bamboo shoots. The menu serves ginataang kalabasa, ginisang sitaw, pinakbet, laing and labong.

You will be astonished at their vegetable choice. They describe the vegetable as crunchy and juicy and majority of them said they would recommend it among the veggies they tried.

Find out what the kids loved most by watching the video above.

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