March 17, 2017

What Do I Feed My Toddler Who’s a Picky Eater?

Picky Eater

Every mom has experienced drama while on the dining table.  I’ve had my share of sad, icky-faced, food-picking adventures.  Not to mention the wailing, crying, and tantrums.  Yep! You are not alone.  Since we are on extended breastfeeding, his go-to is the boob when he doesn’t want to eat.  Though nutritious, breast milk should be more of a beverage rather than main food, especially for a toddler.  Vitamins and minerals should come from food.  Not formula, but food.

So what now?  Being very experimental in the kitchen, I have come up with ways to incorporate vegetables and fruits in his favourite dishes.  For one, Jared loves pancakes.  So I make pancakes from scratch, and add fruits like apples and bananas (he doesn’t like both) in the batter.  Voila! Apple-banana pancakes with no fuss. 

He also loves soup, so I sauté garlic and onion in unsalted butter, add chicken broth, milk and squash cut into cubes.  Slightly flavour with salt and pepper. When the squash is tender, turn the stove off, and let the mixture cool.  Once cool, pour the mixture into a blender and relax until the mixture turns to aromatic goo of orange deliciousness. Place in the pot again and reheat.  Serve with bread or rice.  Very healthy and creamy! 

Our recent experiment is dessert.  He loves to eat cake, so I made him a simple chiffon cake with fresh oranges.  The icing was infused with fresh orange juice and essence of orange from the peel.

There are many available recipes online, all you need is patience and a little bit of creativity.  Toddler feeding time should be a breeze.  Good luck, momma!

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Wayne B. | Pinoy Trends

Wayne is a mom to a toddler. She's passionate about breastfeeding. She loves movies and series, action, sci-fi and fantasy. Not so much on love stories. She is a kitchen scientist. Pet peeve: know-it-all.