May 25, 2017

What’s Trending Now? Liza Soberano in MMK as Pia Wurtzbach

liza soberano pia wurtzbach

Well, she has the prettiest face in showbiz today, so who (in their right mind) is there to oppose when she was selected to play the character of the only Ms. Pia Wurtzbach in an episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya?

As reported on PEP News, Ogie Diaz, Liza Soberano’s manager, shared the news that Liza Soberano will play the young Pia Wurtzbach in an episode that will revolve around Wurtzbach’s life and family before she became famous.

Ms. Zsa Zsa Padilla will play as Soberano’s mother.

Ms. Padilla shared online, “I must admit, it was hard focusing on my lines while looking at her beautiful face. Who knew such beauty could be distracting? But she’s such an amazing actor and pretty soon, I felt like I was talking to my very own daughter.”

Fans are of course delighted to hear another showbiz personality, a seasoned one at that give praise and acknowledge the beauty of their “idol”. Ms. Wurtzbach also had something to say about Soberano’s beauty and even suggested that she join the Ms. Universe pageant.

We have to see where this takes the beautiful and young Liza Soberano.

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