April 1, 2017

Who’s the New Lara Croft?

She’s got quite big shoes to fill, the new Lara Croft. Angelina Jolie was the star of Tomb Raider, as the iconic video game character. Who passed the test and got the role? Alicia Vikander, is the new Lara croft in the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot and Vanity Fair has released its first official images.

I have to say, she looks amazing! The new “Tomb Raider” channels the aesthetics of the recent 2013 video game. Lara Croft also appears younger and dons a more survival-mode gear than that of the earlier counterpart.

“When I was asked to take on this role I got really excited – Lara Croft is a truly iconic character,“ she told Vanity Fair. “I think people can identify with her for lots of different reasons, but for me, I very much see her as a model for many young women.”

Vikander is not new in portraying strong female roles. She was Ava in the Oscar-winning sci-fi flick, Ex-Machina and also appeared alongside Eddie Redmayne in “The Danish Girl”.

Will she be a good Lara Croft? Well, we would have to wait and see. But looking at her previous roles, I’d say she’d be able to give the role justice. Let’s just hope the script stands up to the same standards as the video game it’s based on.

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Wayne B. | Pinoy Trends

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